You Could Be Mayor of an Old West Town

If you’re the type to get super-excited about John Wayne movie marathons on AMC, or who unabashedly struts around your suburb in red cowboy boots, we’ve found the perfect real estate investment for you. This replica “Old West” town in Valley Center, California (which we spotted on Curbed) wasn’t built to be a tourist trap or theme park — it was just a true labor of love.

For sixty years, its owners constructed strikingly detailed buildings, like a saloon, a blacksmith shop, and general store, and scoured the country for antiques to fill them. There’s even a jail (because it is the wild West, after all), and a locomotive that’s really a water tank.

“It’s actually a private place,” listing agent Earl Brown told “I venture 95% of the people in our town don’t even know it’s there.”

If you’d like to be the one to own this secret ode to American history (with a 1,500 square-foot ranch house thrown in!), act fast. The price has dropped to $950,000, but many of the period pieces will go to auction in March.

Take a look around:

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