Why Perfume Smells Different On Other People

Why Perfume Smells Different On Other People

Why Perfume Smells Different On Other People

Have you ever met someone and instantly fell in love with the scent they were wearing, rushed out to buy it, only then to find yourself disappointed that you didn’t quite smell as amazing.

“But I’m sure I liked this?” “Maybe it’s the wrong version?” – No, no. You’ve got the exact same one: The answer is, science.

This happens a lot more than you think and so many people say they’re unhappy with their perfume purchase because they bought it after smelling it on a friend.

Why does it happen?

The primary reason is because everyone has a unique body chemistry and no two are the same (as far as we know!)

When the perfume molecules react with the warm pulse points through our heart beat, it also causes a reaction with our skin and hormones which causes the perfume to give off a particular smell.

When we say people have ‘different skin’ we mean for example; dry skin, oily skin, fatty skin and sensitive skin..

Then consider the fact that skin is made from a very complex mixture of chemicals – and not everyones is in the same proportion. For starters; skin is made up of water, fat, acids, salts, sugars, proteins, fibres and hairs. Each of these components will bind the perfume chemicals differently and also, release it differently.

To put it simply:

As you can see there are a number of day-to-day things that could influence your scent. Who knew a hot room could alter your Chanel? We can’t say whether it is for better or worst, but we can say, in a humid atmosphere – it will intensify.

Other things that may shock you to learn has an impact on your scent are herbs and spices. These foods are an ‘edible perfume’ in their own right if you like – as are onion and garlic. Strange hey?

What we’re saying is, just because Mary, Sue and Jenny too all smell GREAT wearing Alien by Thierry Mugler, doesn’t guarantee you will too. Ask them for a cheeky spritz first, let it settle and after half an hour, if it still smells amazing… go for it!