After Her Teeth-Whitening Went Wrong, This Woman Got Third-Degree Burns

Kilbride was left with swollen lips and third-degree burns after the treatment, which was given by a woman who was not a dentist. She took to Facebook afterwards to detail the ordeal, in a post that has since been shared 8,000 times, saying:

When 18 year-old Abbie Kilbride got her braces removed, she wanted to show off her new teeth as best she could, so she booked a teeth-whitening session with a woman who was recommended by some friends — and the result is enough to put you off cheaper beauty treatments for life.

“I sat there for just over one hour and every 10-15 minutes she would top up the gel on my teeth. No questions were asked like my age, have I had my teeth whitened before, any allergies or patch test.”

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Her mouth was left feeling numb after the treatment, but she was told that this would be fine and she should put lipstick on. The swelling remained, so she used ice and antihistamines until her pharmacist told her to go straight to the doctor. Sadly, her doctor laughed it off and told her it was a “lesson learned.”

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She then text the woman who performed the treatment, but did not get a reply. It wasn’t until she went to the dental hospital for an emergency appointment that she was told that she was suffering from third-degree burns and a severe allergic reaction.

Thankfully, Kilbride will heal completely soon, but she wants to encourage others to be extrarepswatch cautious about booking the treatment, saying:

“The moral of the story is — DO NOT just go to anyone to get your teeth whitened I was completely unaware that only a dentist do this treatment, so if you’re booked anywhere other than a dentist / dental nurse please please stay away!”