When you think of a bank, with its tellers positioned behind glass and thick steel vault, it doesn’t exactly impart a homey feeling. (I mean, they don’t even trust you not to steal the pens at a bank.) But when Cokie Brusatori spotted this historic Montana bank while on a hunting trip with her husband, she was instantly mesmerized, and pledged to transform it into an inviting space.

Built in 1913, the bank tried to help a booming rancher community, but failed by 1924, thanks to a long draught. Now, it sits somewhat isolated from town, but Cokie’s friendly and energetic personality breathed life into the structure.

Since the bank is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, she aimed to preserve original details and sought out period furniture fill it. Reminders of the bank’s original purpose remains, like cashier windows and thick wooden doors. Still, what’s old feels oddly new again with Cokie’s design touches.

“I brought it back to life,” she says. 

Here’s a peek at the interior; watch the video for a full tour (including Cokie’s master bath complete with claw foot tub!).

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[via HGTV]