These Bees Created Something Amazing

We already know that bees are quite impressive creatures (you know, with all that pollinating business that directly affects the world’s food supply). But artist Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny even found a way to coax out a bee colony’s artistic side.

For this project, titled “Thousand Years” and commissioned by fine silver maker Christofle, Libertiny built a metal framework for 60,000 bees to take over. The result is a completely one-of-a-kind work inspired by Christofle’s collection and representative of nature’s dynamism.

“I have been always amazed by the power of nature and its epic force that drives forward slowly but steadily,” Libertíny told Inhabitat. “The ‘made by bees’ project allowed me to plug into this source and guide it to create a mythology as well as a proposal.”

He continued: “The title of the work ‘Thousand Years’ is not only reflecting the amazing materials’ properties — beeswax can literally last thousands of years — but also the scale of human life in the face of the apparent eternity of the universe.”

Pretty heavy stuff for the everyday bee. Watch this video to see more of the piece:


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Photos/Video: René van der Hulst

[via Inhabitat]