The 9 Grossest Things That We All Do in the Shower


 And even though we don’t like to admit it, we all have some pretty unpleasant habits that we do there on a regular basis. Here are all the  things you should stop doing in the shower. Even though it’s where you go to get clean, your shower is actually one of the dirtiest places in your house.

1. Using the same razor for seven months straight. It’s caked with dead skin and hair bits, and so dull that you might as well use a piece of cardboard to shave. You remind yourself that you need to buy a new one while you’re “shaving” your left armpit, but by the time the shower has ended, that thought is long gone.

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2. Sticking your hair to the wall. Your wall resembles a grotesque hair clump art gallery.

3. Sharing a bar of soap with other people in your house. It’s literally just a brick of your family’s hair and dead skin cells.

4. Using that old bath pouf you’ve had for years. Just try not to think about the core of knotted hair, dead skin, and dirt that’s living at the center of that mesh bundle.

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5. Borrowing your husband’s razor. Guys’ razors give you that super close shave, but let’s be honest, your husband has probably shaved everything from his face to his toes with that razor.

6. Peeing in the shower. You know you’ve done it.

7. Neglecting to clean out the shower drain for weeks. Your hair has morphed into a this giant ball that blocks the drain so you have to stand in a pool of water that is just growing.

8. Leaving the hair wad on the edge of the shower when you do clean out the drain. “I’ll throw it away when I get out,” you lie to yourself.

9. Waiting to wash your towels for days. You probably want to give everyone’s towel a good wash every couple of days as to avoid things like… mildew.