How to take care of hair Correctly

If something makes me feel uneasy, when it comes to beauty, now I have to choose my shampoo. I just stood there for a few hours, both on the supermarket shelves, on Sephora, online … it’s no difference! Even if my hair is spaghetti-straight, sometimes I was wondering if I should use curly hair products. Shampoo … always the source of the play. Straight hair? Color hair? From another line from a line of shampoo, conditioner?

It’s hard to choose what it feels like I have to check myself in the box, myself and the label. My hair do not want to respect any rules that it is clear enough … otherwise i will not look like a scarecrow, full of knots! A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an idea that gave me a solution that it really changed My life: I understand the combination of hair. Can not I happen earlier? It is so clear that it is so clear. Like the combination of the skin, the combination of hair is not just a category: it is oily scalp, it is recommended to be very dry.

The result is that you have to pay great attention to these factors if you want to take care of your mane. First use your existing shampoo and conditioner: do not use shampoo tips. When you use conditioner, instead, and only apply it to the lower part of your hair and your skills, do not touch the scalp. It is necessary to adjust your hair and scalp health, regardless of daily use. Then take care of your brush: you need to have natural bristles as these are better redistributed with oil and water from your scalp hair shaft, which will further improve this situation.
At this point, we turn to professional stuff. Choose a withdrawal treatment scalp: you can go to mud therapy, scrub, or shampoo. Think of their same purifying mask, what you do at regular intervals in your daily work, so that things get under control. Overnight as a mask, try pure, natural oil: the simpler the product composition, the more you can not use your leftovers on your hair, give it the necessary nutrition. Avoid high temperatures when dry, as this will dry your skills and produce more oil that can drive your scalp, rebalance the situation – we all know it’s a secret Epic disaster, right?

As for me, I’m back to the starting point. At least I understand one thing: it’s not just my hair’s fault, that’s what i like shopping and i’m not a very decisive woman. Take time and patience to test the product until you find your favorite program, but I’m sure now that I know my hair type and it will be easier to have a recordable hair.