There’s a lot homeowners will do to save a buck, from washing clothes in cold water to trading bulbs for daylight whenever possible. But this house takes eco-friendly money-saving to new heights (or, err, lows?). Since the house is partially underground, it is naturally insulated in such a way thatContinue Reading

When you think of a bank, with its tellers positioned behind glass and thick steel vault, it doesn’t exactly impart a homey feeling. (I mean, they don’t even trust you not to steal the pens at a bank.) But when Cokie Brusatori spotted this historic Montana bank while on aContinue Reading

If you’re the type to get super-excited about John Wayne movie marathons on AMC, or who unabashedly struts around your suburb in red cowboy boots, we’ve found the perfect real estate investment for you. This replica “Old West” town in Valley Center, California (which we spotted on Curbed) wasn’t builtContinue Reading