The TSA, aka the group that makes you wait in long lines at the airport, is the unlikely source of your next best friend. Want to adopt a lovable, hardworking dog, for absolutely free? The Transportation Security Administration has a program that lets you adopt dogs that went through explosive-detectingContinue Reading

(Fancy) Feast your eyes on this cat! Pickles, the 21-pound, 3-foot-long feline, was rescued and adopted just last year, but we still can’t get over his size. Nicknamed Catasaurus Rex, Pickles became an Internet sensation after the MSPCA of Boston posted an ad online, seeking a new home for theContinue Reading

If you thought your dog took up too much room in your home, then there’s a pretty good chance you haven’t met Hulk. Weighing in at 175 pounds, the pit bull is currently believed to be the world’s largest of his kind, and at 18-months old, he’s not quite doneContinue Reading

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Ever notice that your dog just knows when you’ve had a bad day? You’re not just projecting. Dogs can tell the difference between happy and angry human faces, a new study finds. A study published in the journal Current Biology found that dogs can learn to recognize emotional expressions in humans,Continue Reading