It’s also something that United Kingdom adults are consistently failing to do, as a 2014 survey found 61% of parents met the “pushy” criteria, with nearly 40% admitting to enlisting a family or friend into helping cajole kids down a certain path. Now, a new survey suggests that such behavior is actuallyContinue Reading

So, I insisted on a family outing to IKEA, which I learned upon our arrival, is actually a tried and trued parenting hack. Seriously, the store was completely overrun by parents who didcuretime not care. Hemnes dressers and Poang chairs took the place of monkey bars and swings, the aisles casually cloggedContinue Reading

When she was just 19 months old, Jennifer Burt suffered a seizure that would change her life. It left her in a coma, unable to walk and talk, and with a small chance of survival, according to her doctors. But despite the trauma and damage to her brain, Jennifer eventuallyContinue Reading

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher and MLB legend Curt Schilling showed his seriously protective side this past weekend in a passionate blog post defending his daughter, Gabby Schilling. The high school senior began receiving aggressive, sexually explicit comments Sunday afternoon after Schilling sent her a congratulatory message via Twitter. The tweet wasContinue Reading

Nicole Jones lost her job when she was pregnant with her now 18-month-old daughter, which caused her to also lose her apartment. Jones found work again, but between costs for daycare and transportation, and San Francisco’s skyrocketing rent prices, the only living space she can afford is a small convertedContinue Reading