It’s not that there’s anything glaringly wrong with this bathroom, owned by interior designer Bailey McCarthy. The fixtures are polished, the color palette is warm, and it’s certainly tidy. But upon closer inspection, you see the flaws. Bulky appointments make the already small space feel needlessly cramped. And the neutralContinue Reading

When it comes to interior design, we’re quite fickle in our tastes. Shabby-chic cabins, modern farmhouses, and even midcentury style all make us swoon. So when we spied this extra special Victorian home on Curbed, we wondered if we’d finally found the home that could satisfy all of our decorativeContinue Reading

Updating a historic home can come with challenges (like hidden surprises behind every demolished wall). So we can only imagine the effort required to convert an old space that was never actually meant to be a house. Luckily, the couple that now lives in this 1896 church had one convenientContinue Reading