Like most multimillion dollar homes, this impressive Maine carriage house (it once sheltered horses, wagons, and sleighs for the nearby Norumbega Castle), comes with all the fancy-schmancy bells and whistles. Two massive stone fireplaces flank the living room, what was once a hay loft is now a gigantic rec room,Continue Reading

At first glance, this woodland home outside Warsaw, Poland, looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It appears to be just an odd floating box among the trees. But, like many things that are not exactly what they seem, the home is really an optical illusion. Planning a crossContinue Reading

Updating a historic home can come with challenges (like hidden surprises behind every demolished wall). So we can only imagine the effort required to convert an old space that was never actually meant to be a house. Luckily, the couple that now lives in this 1896 church had one convenientContinue Reading