Just like certain things in your home add stress to your life (hello, clutter), other items promise to reduce anxiety. And, honestly, who couldn’t use that? Well, that’s part of the reason himalayan salt lamps have become so popular as of late — not to mention they’re totally dreamy. Here’sContinue Reading

Waking up to a view of your bedhead reflected in a gigantic mirror under unforgiving fluorescent lighting isn’t the cheeriest way to start the day. Kim, the blogger behind Tidbits and Twine, wanted a more inviting atmosphere for her home’s guest bathroom, which was plagued by what we like to call “80’sContinue Reading

Everywhere we look these days, we find ravishing faux blossoms to brighten up our rooms. Whimsical and delicate, they capture the ethereal beauty of real blooms. They’re botanical works of art — and we’re thoroughly smitten. 1. Potted Paper GeraniumThis colorful design by Livia Cetti is stunning. We love how itContinue Reading

  Nancy Grace’s popular cable news show isn’t exactly what you’d call “fun” (reporting on the day’s most harrowing stories is not a walk in the park, after all). So maybe that’s why she created a home that’s cozy, casual, and above all, kid-friendly. Grace’s Atlanta house has a spotContinue Reading

Like most multimillion dollar homes, this impressive Maine carriage house (it once sheltered horses, wagons, and sleighs for the nearby Norumbega Castle), comes with all the fancy-schmancy bells and whistles. Two massive stone fireplaces flank the living room, what was once a hay loft is now a gigantic rec room,Continue Reading

When you think of a bank, with its tellers positioned behind glass and thick steel vault, it doesn’t exactly impart a homey feeling. (I mean, they don’t even trust you not to steal the pens at a bank.) But when Cokie Brusatori spotted this historic Montana bank while on aContinue Reading