It’s also something that United Kingdom¬†adults are consistently failing to do, as a 2014 survey found 61% of parents met the “pushy”¬†criteria, with nearly 40% admitting to enlisting a family or friend into helping cajole kids down a certain path. Now, a new survey suggests that such behavior is actuallyContinue Reading

Less Flouride From Drinking Water

Beyond all question,water plays a vital role in our health.In consequence,we should pay attention to which contains in the water.To tell you the truth,much of our drinking water contains added fluoride, which is put there to make our teeth healthier. But the government now says there could be too muchContinue Reading

One night a few summers ago, when my 18-month-old daughter’s mosquito bites were making her itchy, cranky, and sleepless, I went to a 24-hour pharmacy to buy antihistamine. It wasn’t until I got home that I read the package instructions: for children under 6, consult physician. By then it wasContinue Reading

It’s dinnertime at Liz Gorman’s sparsely furnished rental home in Colorado Springs. Her daughter, Maddie, 8, is strapped into her high chair, holding her favorite toy, a pink plastic teapot, and watching The Wiggles on TV. In this episode, a character named Miss Polly is having her ailing doll examinedContinue Reading

Forget spending hours in front of the mirror putting on makeup. If you want to look attractive to the opposite sex, just drink a glass of wine. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, according to a new study presented by a group of researchers at the University of Bristol’sContinue Reading

1. Your water doesn’t break in a ceremonious splatter at your feet.Unlike in every movie ever, when a real woman’s water breaks, it usually doesn’t look like a water balloon shattering on concrete. More likely, it’s going to be a slower, more gradual flow akin to uncontrollably peeing yourself. We’veContinue Reading

You’re most likely one of two people — someone who cracks their knuckles or someone who can’t stand hearing other people do it. If you’re a fan of the habit, you’ve probably heard several warnings that you’re basically destroying your joints and increasing your chances of arthritis later on. ButContinue Reading