This home may look like a modern loft, but that is by no means a reflection of its originally intended use. The 4,279-square-foot home is actually an old firehouse, built in 1905, and purchased by the owners from the town of Plymouth, MA. Located on the second floor, the mainContinue Reading

The legendary actress Lauren Bacall sadly passed away last year, and left behind not only a major on-screen legacy (including her unforgettable sultry stare), but also quite the impressive Manhattan apartment. Curbed reports that her massive collection of antiques, art, furniture, and more will go to auction at Bonhams soon, andContinue Reading

When Sage, one of the bloggers behind Plaster & Disaster, moved into her new house, she had big plans to change up the honey-colored trim and panelling that filled her hallway. But as she was started to paint the narrow closet (which she used as a pantry), she discovered aContinue Reading

There are certain paint colors that you just can’t unsee. They’re the shades that deter even the most open-minded house hunter, call for wearing sunglasses indoors, and incite homeowners to use a grenade when remodeling (well, they wish, anyway). This hyper-electric blue, which coated the office in blogger Heather’s newlyContinue Reading

There’s a certain allure to Southwestern style, and this impressive New Mexico home hits on all the right design notes. Rustic exposed beams (called “vigas”), rounded clay walls, stained glass detailing, and even a kiva fireplace all add to its bright, inviting charm. And eclectic, colorful style, woven with shadesContinue Reading

1. A mirror facing the bedSome believe that a mirror facing the bed can cause relationship problems, inviting unwelcome outside influences into an otherwise healthy marriage.   2. A black doorAccording to the Chinese, the best feng shui colors for your front door are determined by its direction. A blackContinue Reading

    Remember when you were a kid, and you were content to sleep on a simple mattress with an everyday pillow and blanket? Apparently, today’s little ones are bit more clued into the style scene (or they just have seriously doting parents), and a bed doesn’t have to beContinue Reading