Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a clean, fluffy towel is one of life’s little luxuries. So it can really ruin your morning when you reach to grab one and it feels like sandpaper. Here’s how to get that blissful, soft feeling back: 1. Fight mineral deposits.IfContinue Reading

1. Pouring water (or cleaner) onto carpet stains.We know. A quickly setting wine stain on your new cream carpeting is cause for alarm. But if you spy a spot, resist the urge to douse it with all you’ve got. Over-saturating the stain can damage the fibers, and excess moisture can leak throughContinue Reading

We get it: Getting rid of your stuff is hard. Not only does it take time and effort, but then there are so many emotional connections to contend with, too. But some things are so trivial, they’re not worth saving. So if you crave more space, but aren’t game for someContinue Reading

There’s no doubt technology has made our lives easier. But even robot vacuums and fancy dishwashers can’t replace the timeless housekeeping tricks that even your grandmother might have obeyed. We asked experts and bloggers to share their must-know tips that you should pass down with your family heirlooms. 1. AlwaysContinue Reading

When you think about the germiest spots in your kitchen, you probably don’t think your coffee pot is one of the worst. But, a 2011 NSF study found just that: People don’t consider their coffeemaker a hot bed for bacteria and mold, but surprise! It totally is. In fact, the studyContinue Reading

Bath towels are easy to toss to the side and forget. By the time you’re using one out of the shower, you’re probably already in a rush, so caution goes by the wayside. But double-checking your routine can help your towels last longer and stay cleaner. Are you guilty ofContinue Reading

Kids grow fast and so do their ever-changing wardrobes. Here, Lisa Adams, founder of LA Closet Design, shares the must-haves that will help your kids’ stuff stay organized from the start and help their closet grow with them.  1. Two (or three) levels of hanging rods“Kids are lucky enough to be shorter than adults,”Continue Reading