1. Fill your dishwasher with everything but dishes.Plastic toys, soap dishes, plastic hairbrushes, and more can get clean in dishwasher — zero effort required. Take a lap around your house and gather the stuff you rarely (err, never?) clean and run an everything-but-plates load. 2. Sprinkle and suck up.Toss a bitContinue Reading

You probably have a stash of these bathroom staples under your sink, idly awaiting manicure day. But they’re useful for so much more than removing chipped polish or fixing a smudge. Here’s how you can use cotton balls all over the house.  1. Remove pesky water spots.When chrome faucets, knobs,Continue Reading

  If you’ve ever daydreamed about having a maid to do the daily household scrubbing for you, may we suggest shopping in the denture-care aisle at the pharmacy instead? In this cheeky video from ulive, “Handy Ma’am” Janell-Inez shows off how grandpa’s denture tablets’ signature fizz are great for de-grimingContinue Reading

Ah, paper. They keeping telling us that tablet computers, high-tech wristwatches, and all other things digital will soon replace the need for Post-its and flyers — and yet, every available surface in your home is littered with mail, catalogs, forms, and more. Here’s how to keep the paper monster at bay.Continue Reading

1. Pouring water (or cleaner) onto carpet stains.We know. A quickly setting wine stain on your new cream carpeting is cause for alarm. But if you spy a spot, resist the urge to douse it with all you’ve got. Over-saturating the stain can damage the fibers, and excess moisture can leak throughContinue Reading

There’s no doubt technology has made our lives easier. But even robot vacuums and fancy dishwashers can’t replace the timeless housekeeping tricks that even your grandmother might have obeyed. We asked experts and bloggers to share their must-know tips that you should pass down with your family heirlooms. 1. AlwaysContinue Reading