Here’s more proof that kids today have it super-duper easy: They won’t ever know the plight of an unspooled VHS tape or the agony of waiting for the summer’s hot movie to finally be available again at Blockbuster. In fact, they look at the good ol’ VCR with confusion and,Continue Reading

Parenting, particularly, mothering has often been described as a “full-time job” and “the hardest job in the world.” While many parents won’t hesitate to agree with that, blogger and mother of one, Liz Pardue-Schultz, has a very different (and unpopular) opinion. In an essay published on xoJane, Pardue-Schultz starts by sayingContinue Reading

Barbie’s been through a lot in the past year — she saw a major decline in sales, caused quite a controversy when she took a role as a computer engineer, and was even re-imagined as “normal.” But this year, the iconic toy is getting a 21st century makeover that doesn’t includeContinue Reading