Semi-Formal Attire For Women

Semi-Formal Attire For Women

Semi-Formal Attire For Women Pratima Ati Stylecraze July 2, 2018

Semi-formal attires bring out the best in women. So, if you have an invite to a wedding, a dinner party or a corporate event, and the dress code says semi-formal, know that playing dress-up is going to be a lot of fun. Borrow the elegance from formal dressing and style from casual attires to bring together the best of both worlds. But how do we balance both of these without losing the essence of either? How do we dress up appropriately according to the occasion? We are going to talk about all that and more. Take a look!

What Is Semi-Formal Attire?

In simple words, semi-formal attire is less casual than business wear but more formal than regular party wear. However, there are no hard and fast rules. Ultimately it depends on where you are going and whether you need to inch towards being dressy or classy. Let’s see how you can deal with it differently.

Semi-Formal Outfit Ideas

1. Semi-Formal Attire For A Wedding

Semi-Formal Attire For A Wedding Semi-Formal Attire For A Wedding

Traditionally, weddings are all about formal dressing. And you are expected to dress that way, unless otherwise specified for a destination or a beach wedding. However, that’s changing too, and weddings are turning out to be more relaxed than they were back in the day. So, here’s a dress that checks off all the boxes for semi-formal wedding attire. This flouncy one-sided shoulder red dress comes with a formal pattern but with a contemporary twist. Carry a clutch and wear ankle strap sandals, and you’ll need no other accessories.

2. Semi-Formal Cocktail Attire

Semi-Formal Cocktail Attire Pinit

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Cocktail parties are one of the most common occasions most of us get invited to. It seems to be a tough nut to crack for most women because, let’s be honest, we don’t always have an exclusive cocktail dress to spare. Just like T-shirt dresses, formal shirt dresses are coming up to speed. Here’s a chiffon red shirt dress that can come to your rescue. The next time you go shopping, pick up dresses like these because they go a long way.

3. Semi-Formal Attire – Pants And Blouse

Semi-Formal Attire – Pants And Blouse Pinit


Headed to a luncheon with a business associate or a potential client? Or maybe you are off to somewhere you cannot be wholly casual and want to tread cautiously with your outfit? A pair of cotton or khaki ankle length pants styled with a semi-formal linen, cotton or chiffon blouse is just perfect. Carry a sling bag, choose fine jewelry, and put on some neutral makeup with a bright lipstick to complete the look.

4. Semi-Formal Outfit – Jeans And Top

Semi-Formal Outfit – Jeans And Top Pinit

Chokers and everything 90s are coming back with a bang. Not just chokers as accessories, but as chokers tops too. Yes, they can be more than just casual – here’s proof. Sport a boot-cut or boyfriend jeans with a choker style top, and you have created a semi-formal outfit – as simple as that.

5. Semi-Formal Jumpsuit

Semi-Formal Jumpsuit Pinit


Jumpsuits usually mean all things casual and fun. But, if dealt with the right way, they can lean towards semi-formal – just like this one. Pair it with wedges and a tote bag to keep up with the slightly serious vibe.

6. Semi-Formal Attire For Interview

Semi-Formal Attire For Interview Pinit


Do you have an interview to attend? Are you flying out of the city for a conference? Are you bored of wearing a crisp white shirt and formal pants? Here’s how you meet in the middle between your formal pants and arrive at something not-so-formal. Pair a pencil skirt with a ruffle top in a neutral color palette and voila! You have an exciting set of semi-formal interview clothes.

7. Semi-Formal Attire Skirt And Blouse

Semi-Formal Attire Skirt And Blouse Pinit


Talk about business clothing, and a white shirt comes to mind. Here’s how you can manage to spin it with a patterned skirt instead of a dull pair of pants. Make sure the slit is not too deep, and finish the look some suave stilettos.

8. Semi-Formal Attire In Black And White

Semi-Formal Attire In Black And White Pinit

When you get an invite for a party or an event that says business casuals or semi-formals, specifying a theme like black and white, we want you to think beyond the clichéd combinations. Here’s an off-shoulder dress to show off your style and body with an ensemble that is impeccably elegant yet fun.

9. Semi-Formal Beach Attire

Semi-Formal Beach Attire Pinit


A beach party! But did you know that resorts and hotels have a particular dress code for their signature parties? So, choose a red georgette cross-over dress. While red takes care of being all classy, the cross-over pattern adds a little zing to the outfit. Finish it with a sexy pair of pumps and a hat for some fun.

10. Semi-Formal Attire For A Dinner Party

Semi-Formal Attire For A Dinner Party Pinit

Dinner parties straight up mean that the vibe will be a little less casual, but there is some etiquette to these. Does that mean we get all clichéd and boring about it? Of course not. Go with a classic LBD, but with a more formal vibe to it – like this satin sheath dress. Let your makeup and sandals be neutral. Carry a classy clutch.

11. Semi-Formal Office Attire

Semi-Formal Office Attire Pinit

Wearing the same boring outfits to work day in and day out can make your life very mundane. You can subtly move away from it without being loud about it. The idea is to add a little definition to your pants, tops, or both. The trick is to keep the color palette muted and play with the silhouette – that’s how you ace those semi-formals looks.

12. Semi-Formal Dress With Long Sleeves

Semi-Formal Dress With Long Sleeves Pinit


Long sleeves are usually a little more serious, but sweater dresses are not. Can we make them work for us, though? Of course, we can! Instead of your regular T-shirt or informal party dresses, work with a sweater dress the next time to create a semi-formal look. Remember, your accessories and makeup are the game changers here.

13. Semi-Formal Black Slit Dress

Semi-Formal Black Slit Dress Pinit

Bored of the same old stereotypes for dinner parties? Here’s a dress that beats the monotony but also doesn’t look like you’re too callous about it. A long, cami-style slit dress with ankle-strap heels, beach waves, and a sequined side body bag is a fun way to nail this look.

14. Semi-Formal Short Dresses

Semi-Formal Short Dresses Pinit


No, we are talking about more than just boring straight cut business wear that we all have had enough of. At least rebel with colors! Here’s proof that if you experiment you will always have a great final product.

15. Plus Size Semi-Formal Dresses

Plus Size Semi-Formal Dresses Pinit

Nothing ever beats black when it comes to camouflaging those curves. Then again, it does not mean we have to stick to old-school formal silhouettes. Break the pattern with a semi-formal dress, wear hoops that are not-so-formal, but also balance it with your hair, accessories, and footwear.

Remember that your hair, makeup, and accessories are a big part of this puzzle that give your outfit the final spin. That’s how we rounded off our lookbook. Feel free to add your personal touch and style in a way that defines you. What is your personal style? Do you swing more towards formal? Or do you like being casual with a tinge of formal dressing? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comments section below.