Pretend You’re Rapunzel in This Dreamy Carriage House

Like most multimillion dollar homes, this impressive Maine carriage house (it once sheltered horses, wagons, and sleighs for the nearby Norumbega Castle), comes with all the fancy-schmancy bells and whistles. Two massive stone fireplaces flank the living room, what was once a hay loft is now a gigantic rec room, there’s two (two!) antique stoves, and a wood-fire pizza oven sits in the basement.

Those details are cool, but don’t really make us giddy (as they say, money doesn’t buy you happiness). However, one look at that 150-foot tower with circular balcony makes our Disney-princess-loving hearts skip a beat. Just like Rapunzel, we’d let down our hair, but not just to let anyone come join us in this fairytale-like escape. We could easily enjoy it all alone.

Take a peek (just look at that watefront view!):

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Photos: Courtesy of Sotheby’s International Realty

[via Zillow]