Most Elegant Panthere de Cartier lady Watches

Cartier is the embodiment of many amazing items class, charm, and luxury. Cartier introduced the revolutionary Panthere de Cartier in 1983. Along with the decadence of that era led in the prevalence of these delicate timepieces.

With a 22mm square dial, this timepiece is thick, showing its craft that virtually feels weightless off.

Beauty aside, there’s more than meets the eye to this compact timepiece. You’ll find that its precision and quality provide much more than it seems. This watch’s technical art doesn’t pale in comparison with other luxury watch brands. This Panthere de Cartier is resistant to water to get up to 30 metres and includes a quartz movement. Both its case and bracelet feature stainless steel and 18K yellow gold watch. Everybody knows that it is the crown with a spinel that’s the point in this timepiece.


To top it all off, its Roman numerals supply a tinge of sentimental wistfulness, reminding us of Panthère’s ups and downs in their watch making travel.