Most Comfortable Jeans For Women

Most Comfortable Jeans For Women

Most Comfortable Jeans For Women Pratima Ati Stylecraze June 29, 2018

Most of us feel comfortable in jeans and practically live in them. But this beautiful fairy tale ends when you need a new pair of jeans. It’s a harrowing experience trying to find a pair that fits you beautifully, sits perfectly on your hips, is in your budget, and a million other things we can sometimes not even put in words. People just don’t get it, do they? But, the point is, you are not alone, and the struggle is real. So, today, we will address that and talk about the most comfortable jeans available right now so that it makes shopping a lot easier and less overwhelming for you. Let’s do this.

Best Jeans For Women Of All Body Types

1. Best Jeans For Short Curvy Women

Best Jeans For Short Curvy Women Best Jeans For Short Curvy Women

Being short and curvy means choosing jeans is slightly trickier for you because there’s a lot that needs attention for this body type. Go for jeans that are stretchable, dark washed, and straight legged instead of skinny/curvy designs. Here’s one of the most comfortable options in this category.

2. Best Jeans For Tall Women

Best Jeans For Tall Women Pinit

Tall legged ladies, listen up. You guys are one lucky bunch because jeans look the best on you. Before you jump on me and say that length is always an issue, we are going to have to disagree because ankle length denims are a thing now. Besides, they look impeccably stylish. However, brands like Margot take care of that too. In case you are not okay with every pant stopping at your shins, check out their collection. Here’s a variant that’s a big hit because it gives you great comfort while looking stunning. You can easily make this your everyday essential.

3. Best Jeans For Petite Women

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Best Jeans For Petite Women Pinit

The biggest problem petite women face while shopping for jeans is a long inseam. More often than not, you need to get them altered. So, here’s a fix for all those issues and more – stretchable ankle jegging jeans from Lee.

4. Best Jeans For Women Over 50

Best Jeans For Women Over 50 Pinit

Older women choose comfort over everything else. And, for an everyday essential, it should be just about that anyway. Go with bootcut or straight jeans (both of which look flattering) and add definition to your body without being overly dramatic. Choose dark wash jeans and go with high-rises. But if you do not have a tummy tucking issue, go for the mid-rise or even low-rise options. Levi’s 529 Bootcut jeans checks all the boxes.

5. Best Jeans For Curvy Women

Best Jeans For Curvy Women Pinit

You need jeans that straighten out and elongate your legs but also hold at the right places. Mid-rise jeans hit that sweet spot and are perfect for curvy figures. Levis 314 is a bestseller amongst curvy women for the same reason.

6. Best Skinny Jeans For Women

Best Skinny Jeans For Women Pinit

Skinny and high-rise jeans are a match made in heaven. They make any body type look flattering with their cut. Having said that, you need to find that one pair, and that isn’t going to happen just like that. But, with brands like Guess, you can be assured because they make some of the best-looking jeans without compromising on comfort. Go with Guess’s high-rise skinny jeans for a great looking silhouette!

7. Best Jeans For Plus Size Women

Best Jeans For Plus Size Women Pinit

Increasing number of brands are becoming body inclusive and are making jeans for all body types, especially plus size. But then, there are also exclusive brands like ‘Poetic Justice’ that are turning tides to cater to a body type that needs a lot of attention and making up for the struggle over the years. Their dark washed, curvy, and skinny jeans are some of their bestsellers. With a comfortable stretch and a flattering skinny silhouette, this one’s the best for fluctuating bodies.

8. Best White Jeans For Women

Best White Jeans For Women Pinit

White jeans make you party ready almost instantly and look ravishing on any body type. It is a general myth that you need to be a certain body type for pulling off white jeans. But that’s changing – thanks to fashion labels being inclusive and catering to different body types. However, if you are looking to strike a balance between style and comfort, American Eagle’s Next Level Jegging Cropped jeans hits all the right notes. Its high waist controls the waistline, while its straight stretchable body makes it super comfortable.

9. Best Boyfriend Jeans For Women

Best Boyfriend Jeans For Women Pinit

Boyfriend jeans can be more than just the old school approach of wearing unflattering boxed jeans. These are incredibly casual, and stylish too, thanks to brands tweaking little details to suit all body types. Kut From The Kloth’s Boyfriend Jeans are a hot favorite for many women in this category. The fading effect on the knees and cuffed hems add to the overall silhouette.

10. Best Low-Rise Jeans For Women

Best Low-Rise Jeans For Women Pinit

A few years ago, the demand for low-rise jeans exploded out of proportion, for both men and women. Brands started making these in all variants. However, there cannot be a better alternative to a brand that knows it all when it comes to jeans. Levi’s low-to-mid rise jeans sit perfectly and trickle down into a straight silhouette, making it perfect and just how it needs to be.

If you are one of those lucky people who can pick jeans off the shelf, it’s a blessing. But this list is for you too. What do you look for in jeans when you shop? Do you have any go-to brands or fits? Let us know by dropping a text in the comments section below.