Mom Uses Makeup App to ‘Make Over’ Her Newborn

When Fiona, mom to seven-week-old Gabriel, catches her son making disgruntled faces, she grabs her phone and snaps pictures of him so that she can edit the images in YouCam Makeup, a photo app that lets you create virtual makeovers. The results, which she posted to reddit, are both hilariously entertaining and, yes, slightly creepy.

I mean, just look at that contouring.

“No makeup touched Gabriel’s skin,” Fiona assured the reddit community. ”He is a very, very loved little boy. I intentionally take/use photos of him making faces because I live to amuse myself.”

And we have to say, even with all of the vaguely frightening Photoshopping, Gabriel is truly adorable. But he’s certainly cutest when he’s au natural (a lesson to us all perhaps?).

Proof below:


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Photos: Imgur/Unicornreality

[via Reddit]