favourite perfumes

How to identify your favourite perfumes

People like using perfume as their symbol, actually, everyone has their speical scents. How to choose the perfect perfumes? Here are some advices.

Breaking perfumes down into scents can make your choice easier. Love Dolce and Gabbana??Opt for spicy scents. More of an Escada kind of girl??Fruity is for you.

My Perfumes UAE managing director Mustafa Firoz gives us a run through of how you can identify the scents you’re loving.

favourite perfumes


Perfumes can be broken into four different profiles – woody, florals, oriental, and fresh/fruity. From there, it’s the subcategories, such as soft florals, woody orientals, citrus and more.


Each perfume we buy comprises of three elements in regards to their scent – the base, the middle and the top notes. The notes are broken up so the base lasts the longest, but is most subtle in scent, made of essential oils. The top notes are the lightest in terms of length, but strongest and most powerful fragrances – what we smell initially. In terms of scent and longevity, the middle notes are self explanatory. For example, Amouage scent Myths is a rich and deep musky scent. The base is musk, moss and leather. The middle tones are florals – patchouli, carnation and ambergris accord with top notes of violet leaves, narcissus and galbanum. It falls into the category then, of floral/woody, and the first thing we’d smell is the violet leaves, narcissus and galbanum. Knowing profiles can make buying perfumes online far easier. Scent combinations are endless and so at times can become overwhelming if you’re trying to branch out.

favourite perfumes


Otoori, sold at retail outlet My Perfumes, aims to resolve the issue, according to Firoz. The concept – customers can choose two scents, (out of 21) to layer over each other to diversify their range. The scents are broken up into three categories – essentials – which are bases including vanilla, amber, rose and oud; mixed notes – which have more elements to them, and fine notes – the tailored top notes in each scent. Customers can mix and match bottles of scents, according to their tastes. So if you like roses, but also like oriental smells, you can choose the base as rose, and a top note of oriental elements. Firoz says: “People in the Middle East tend to opt for amber, or oud bases but want more diversity, so they can choose the oud base, and then top it off, for example with the citrus floral which is a middle note.”


Firoz explains how the Otoori concept came about – because of one common question among customers. “Customers automatically ask, ‘what’s new?’, and I was chatting with some clients, who said they like to layer two scents over the top of each other. And from there Otoori was born. “This concept gives people the option to play around, and mix and match their signature scents. There are thousands of combinations they can create.”

favourite perfumes