Here are simple ways to make sure you find the right balance and keep the trend

Deciding on the proper shirt and tie mix should be a choice, but in practice it is not quite as simple as it appears. While mixing patterns and colours to make a look that is stylish might be a daunting task, putting together and you could risk fading into the background. Here are four ways to be certain to discover the appropriate balance and stay on-trend to help you master this menswear artwork. White shirts are the simplest since they move with everything — spots, solids, stripes and checks to match with ties. Add a whimsical touch by pairing among our 100% premium Egyptian cotton shirts using a printed tie, such as our Green Blue Elephant Printed Silk Tie.
Guys are able to experiment with intriguing and different combinations — like a block test shirt with a tie that was knitted as their dress codes relax. Another approach that is fail-safe is by playing with textures. A striped shirt using a good tie in a matching colour works nicely, but if you’re passionate about menswear you may want to try something with much more effect. As long as the layout includes complementary colors which pick up the foundation color of the shirt, opting for a tie with daring pattern such as a paisley will create your striped shirt sing. Which top and tie combination is your favorite? Are you comfortable with adhering to your fashion that is basic or have we convinced you to switch up your work wardrobe?