6 tips on Choosing a Signature Fragrance

For as long as, well, forever, perfume has made the world a much sweeter smelling place. Back in ancient Egypt, perfumed balms and oils were used in religious ceremonies—fast forward thousands of years and it is now a $10 billion industry that has transformed the way women smell and feel.Continue Reading

new perfumes that are light enough for Singapore weather

1. J’adore Touche de Parfum, $160 for 20ml, from Dior counters. A perfume oil composed of damascus rose absolute, Sri Lankan sandalwood essence and Indian jasmine sambac absolute. Wear it alone or with a complementary fragrance to add depth to the scent. Floral, musky or woody scents would smell bestContinue Reading

How to Choose a Signature Perfume

The idea of women wearing precious, beautiful fragrances has a long and storied history. In ancient Greece, Egypt and the Roman Empire, scents made from flowers and herbs were used for seduction, to mask foul aromas and to imply good health. In modern times, a dab or spray of anContinue Reading


First of all, are you actually looking for a perfume, or would one of the other forms the fragrance comes in be more appropriate? If you aren’t sure, check out the difference between perfume, eau de cologne and eau de toilette. Don’t try and test more than three fragrances atContinue Reading

Make your own perfume at new perfumery school

If you have always harboured dreams of becoming a perfumer, this might be your chance. Renowned Swiss fragrance and flavours manufacturer Givaudan has opened its first Perfumery School outside of Paris in Jurong. The prestigious school opened in 1946, and Givaudan claims it trained the perfumers responsible for about halfContinue Reading

5 Tips For Choosing Perfume For Your Body Type

1. Know the Scent Families You like. Everyone knows that choosing a perfume or your signature scent can be challenging. Not to mention there are so many wonderful fragrances out there to choose from. I’m hoping that I can break it down and simplify this process. Most perfume companies categorizeContinue Reading