1. He’s learned to genuinely delight in watching The Bachelorette with you because Chris Harrison + wine + the smile on your face every time some guy eats an egg white = the only way he’d want to spend a Monday. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 2. Your idea of date night involves lighting a Yankee candleContinue Reading

  In an open letter penned for non-profit Heads Together on Sunday, the Duke of Cambridge discussed the importance of talking with children about mental health from a young age — and why he believes Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to start the conversation.  This Father’s Day, not only did Prince William celebrate his two children, Prince George and PrincessContinue Reading

   And even though we don’t like to admit it, we all have some pretty unpleasant habits that we do there on a regular basis. Here are all the  things you should stop doing in the shower. Even though it’s where you go to get clean, your shower is actually one of the dirtiest places in yourContinue Reading

In true millennial fashion, young newlyweds tend to favor experiences over possessions, and as a result, “honeymoon funds” have skyrocketed in popularity. Searches on Pinterest alone have increased by 200 percent, Pinterest reported in a blog post, according to Brit+Co. Forget casserole dishes and china sets — couples these days want something far more exceptional. It seemsContinue Reading

(Cameron Bure is super open about her history with disordered eating: She suffered from bulimia during her early 20s, but now considers herself fully recovered, and works to raise awareness about the condition.)  Now that she’s starring in Fuller House and co-hosting The View, anyone with eyes can see she’s managed to stayContinue Reading

1. Speaking of clothes, you know exactly what to wear to hide food babies. Ah the trapeze dress, my old friend. 2. While some people get excited about what clothes they’re going to wear for the day, you’re more into the three meals you’ll be choosing to eat. What willContinue Reading

“There’s likely no question in my mind that the child was drowned by the alligator,” Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings announced at a press conference this afternoon. He said that the boy’s family was distraught but “somewhat relieved that they were able to find their son.” Update, 6 p.m.: Authorities have located the missing toddler attackedContinue Reading