New Neon Light Makeup

Your Insta feed is likely filled with endless images of actual neon signs encouraging followers to “Embrace the Good Vibes” or remain “Wild at Heart,” but now the trend is becoming a lot more accessible through the latest craze: fluorescent light-inspired makeup looks. Yep, that’s right. Your eyes or lipsContinue Reading


Many of the modern women because of a variety of work pressure led to a lot of freckles on the face, many women want to know how to remove freckles. Recently popular microblading eyebrows and eyelashes enhance tattoos, permanent freckles are destined to become one thing. this is correct. ForContinue Reading


Smoko’s eyes have been glorious in the trend of this season’s incredible speed. Bright, melancholy and attractive appearance of smoke eyes offering just cute cool. If you love the smoke and try different shadows and combinations, it’s super cool smoky eye makeup wings change that will only make you crazy!Continue Reading

Reveal the mental health of the make-up disease

Cosmetic Challenge continues to be popular with fashionable beauty blogs, but the latest labels appearing on social media are hoping to have a greater impact than just viruses. InsideOutChallenge by Yasaman Gheidi, Canada, wants to take on the stigma associated with mental health through art. Originally posted on Ghedia YouTubeContinue Reading


There is no lack of bold lipstick in 2017. The make-up artist has published a variety of textures (flash Fendi, DKNY Matte Giambattista Valli and Jason, and Gorgeous detailing Herrera in Carolina and Chanel) vivid colors that bring a welcome color to a minimalist complexion . Jason Wu in theContinue Reading