According to the court documents, a retired Indianapolis fertility doctor used his own sperm instead of donated sperm at least 50 times to get his no less than eight patients pregnant decades ago. Dr. Donald Cline, 77, pleaded not guilty Monday to two felony obstruction of justice charges for misleading authoritiesContinue Reading

1. “Like … not that any of these things would make you call off the wedding … but … know each other’s credit scores. Know your accident history for your car insurance. Know your tax stuff. Figure out who has the better health insurance. I had gotten into a carContinue Reading

 Usually it’s the $22 lipstick or the $50 foundation that everyone goes crazy for. Not a four-color makeup palette that retails for only $6. But that’s exactly what’s happening with E.L.F.’s Powder Blush Palette. It’s not often that an affordable beauty product gains such a huge following. E.L.F.Advertisement – ContinueContinue Reading