A Skinny Pantry Gains Style and Function

When Sage, one of the bloggers behind Plaster & Disaster, moved into her new house, she had big plans to change up the honey-colored trim and panelling that filled her hallway.

But as she was started to paint the narrow closet (which she used as a pantry), she discovered a hidden light switch. Lo and behold, thanks to some “inspired” electrical choices, it was the switch that linked with her bedroom light. Knowing that she valued the convenience of the switch over the doors, she ripped them off and never looked back.

And luckily, her functional choice actually turned out to be quite lovely, too. With the doors removed, the closet morphs into an impressive built-in bookcase. And a coat of ocean-like teal paint brings polish and punch to the corridor. Brava, Sage!

Here’s the unrecognizable new look:

Get more details about how Sage pulled off this transformation at Plaster & Disaster.

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