11 Best Stylish Winter Boots for Women

11 Best Stylish Winter Boots For Women

11 Best Stylish Winter Boots For Women Pratima Ati Stylecraze June 29, 2018

Winter is coming, and no, it’s not always exciting. (You get the reference, don’t you?) It means, for over six months, we cover ourselves with boots, sweaters, jackets, and every other possible piece of clothing or accessory that can make us look unattractive. But that’s changing now, and we couldn’t be more grateful for it. However, there’s one thing you need to do for it. Stop mindlessly taking out your winter boots every season to reuse them for years. I mean, yes, by all means, we need to look at durability. But we all need a little upgrade every few years because we know that winter is the longest season. In fact, it feels like it lasts forever. Let’s combat it with some sexy, stylish, and functional boots this time around. Let’s look at the best winter boots that offer great style too.

Most Comfortable Winter Boots For Women

1. Dr. Martens Snow Boots

Dr. Martens Snow Boots Dr. Martens Snow Boots

Combat boots mean one thing – Dr. Martens. That’s one classic pair we all need in our shoe closet. But, there is also a variant in them that is an excellent option for snow boots. They are sturdy, give you grip, and the fur lining on the inside keeps your feet comfortable. These are a perfect fit for daily wear during winter months, a classic, and favorite of most women.

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2. Ice Maiden Winter Boots

Ice Maiden Winter Boots Pinit

Talk about combining femininity and functionality with subtle details like fur. Combating the harshest of winters means the need for the warmest of boots, but that doesn’t mean they need to look unappealing. With toasty insulated interiors and a luxe finish on the outside, these keep your feet warm from the inside while being stylish on the outside. These boots from Columbia are value for money and worth everything you invest in them.

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3. Waterproof Boots For Winters

Waterproof Boots For Winters Pinit

The winter wonderland starts to wither down when the snow begins to melt or, even worse, when there is wet snow all around. If you live in a city that frequently gets wet snow, it means that the weather is going to get twice as cold, and you need a pair of waterproof boots. Here are boots that keep you warm from the inside and dry from the outside, all of this while looking femme and stylish.

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4. Winter Hiking Boots

Winter Hiking Boots Pinit

For all the outdoor junkies who cannot stay indoors and need to go out on hikes even in winters, this is pretty good stuff that takes care of just that. There’s nothing classier than tan winter boots, and it only gets better when they are functional too. The fur, leather, accents, and other little details will instantly amp any gloomy days you might be having.

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5. Wedge Boots

Wedge Boots Pinit

Wedges are incredibly stylish and a shoe closet staple in summer and spring. So, how about wearing them in winters too? You can go for something that is stylish but keeps you covered and warm too. Go for wedgie boots with rubber soles that are easy on the feet and great to look at. Pair them with jeggings, skinny trousers, leggings over skirts, and sweater dresses.

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6. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots Pinit

If you want to be honest and admit that you cannot think beyond Northface when you are gearing up for winters, you might as well stick with them. I understand that sense of belonging. Call me boring all you want, but there’s no other brand I’d rather buy. So, for all of us Northface enthusiasts, here are one of their best selling boots.

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7. Lightweight Winter Boots

Lightweight Winter Boots Pinit

Boots are not comfortable when you feel like you are walking around with weights tied to your ankles. They need to be extremely comfortable inside and out. If you agree, who better to turn to than Sketchers? The On-The-Go-City boots are soft on your feet and look stylish too, which is what our feet need in winter.

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8. UGG Winter Wedgies

UGG Winter Wedgies Pinit

We all own that one pair of classic fuzzy UGGs, don’t we? But that also means style goes right out of the window. However, here are knee-length suede wedge boots that prove us wrong. Wear these with a long black jacket or winter trench coat and a pair of skinny trousers to look all sexy!

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9. Chelsea Flat Foot Boots

Chelsea Flat Foot Boots Pinit

Chelsea boots are the most common leather boots. The side elastic compensates for the sturdiness of the shoes, and that’s what makes these comfortable. These are classics, so pick one of them if you don’t already own a pair.

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10. Fuzzy Winter Boots

Fuzzy Winter Boots Pinit

Look like a bunny without actually using any real fur with these fuzzy winter boots. Their heel size hits the sweet spot, so if you are not very swift in elevated heels, you don’t have to worry about it. The sheep fur footbed keeps your feet soft and lets them breathe. Not to forget, the style is on point.

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11. Suede Boots

Suede Boots Pinit

Add color to your winter months with these suede boots. The blue color spruces up any outfit instantly and gives you an opportunity to play with the colors of the rest of your outfit.

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We have some time before the storms bring our lives to a standstill, and, as Rachel Green said, “Before you know, they light up the damn tree again.” And boom! Your butt is freezing again. So, you better bookmark this page, start saving up, and be on the lookout for some early bird or Thanksgiving sales. What is your favorite kind of winter boots? Do you have a brand you swear by? Let us know by dropping in a text in the comments section below.