Tips for Picking Chanel Perfume for the Woman in Your Life

Although perfumes are usually chosen based on scent, it may not be all that easy choosing the right Chanel perfume for that special woman in your life. A lot of thought should be put in the selection as not only the scent and cost matters but also the personality of the intended recipient. The right choice may be the difference between that bottle gathering dust on the dressing table or being cherished and used to the last drop.
Tips for Picking Chanel Perfume for the Woman in Your Life

Evaluate Her Preferences. Keep in mind that the perfume is not for you, so choose the Chanel that best suits her and not the fragrance you think she should wear. Before heading to the beauty shop, take note of the fragrances she already has and note those that she prefers. You can do this by noting the level of content in the bottles; if the bottle is opaque simply compare by ‘hand weighing’. Take this opportunity to evaluate the type of fragrance she likes and her favourite brands. Chanel has several selections and there are differences in the notes or scents. If in doubt, there is nothing wrong with asking the cosmetician to help you in selecting the right gift.

Selecting a Chanel Bottle. While the contents of the bottle is of major importance, women tend to first notice the bottle’s design. The more sophisticated the design, the more expensive it appears. Additionally, if the bottle is fashionable enough, some women tend to put the bottle on ‘show’, even after the contents are gone. Based on your observations, you should be able to discern if a spray bottle or splash on bottle is more acceptable for her.

Making the Final Decision. If your special lady already had a Chanel perfume that she loved and used a lot, it may be ok to simply buy another bottle and she will cherish it as much as the previous bottle. On the other hand, she may think that you lack originality and did not put much thought into the gift. Unless you are completely confident at the end of the day, you may want to try buying a Chanel perfume sample set that includes at least one or two fragrances that you are more confident she likes. Some Chanel sets hold five or more mini Chanel perfumes and even if she doesn’t like them all, you now have an idea of which ones you can select in a larger bottle as future gifts.

Popular Chanel Perfumes for Women. Chanel No. 5 and Coco Chanel are probably the two most popular and favoured Chanel perfumes for women, but even those fragrances have variances. For instances, the Coco line also includes Coco Noir and Coco Mademoiselle, and the Chanel No.5 also includes No. 5 Premier. Other popular ladies’ Chanel perfume and sprays include Chanel No.19, Allure, and Cristalle.

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