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How to Get Rid of Mice — And Keep Them Away for Good

Fall and winter are prime time for rodents trying to make their way into warm, cozy homes. Luckily, it’s never too late to start mouse-proofing, according to Cindy Mannes, a spokesperson for the National Pest Management Association. Here’s what you need to know about those pesky little critters — and how you can get rid […]

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FINALLY: A Cheat Sheet That’s Going to Save All of Your Houseplants

Even though cheat sheets are frowned upon in the classroom and bound to get your kid into serious trouble if he’s found with one, they’re the ultimate lifesaver at home. In our opinion, you should embrace anything and everything that promises to make your life easier — even if it’s related to something as simple […]

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The Internet Is Loving This Family’s Adorable Wall Decor

If you ask Jaylan Jordan what his favorite part of his aunt and uncle’s new home is, he’d tell you about the four clocks they have hanging on the living room wall. These clocks don’t tell time, per se — but they do tell a beautiful story. Down to the very second, the clocks immortalize […]

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I Transformed My Kitchen for $375

As an editor and writer, I spend a lot of time looking at words, clarifying words, adding words, subtracting words and sometimes even making up words. At the end of the day, I like to go home and look at sugar and butter at room temperature. Add it, stir it, eat it. Baking is how […]

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How to Grow Garlic

As far as I’m concerned, garlic gets the blue ribbon for backyard produce. It grows easily, tastes great and takes up little room. Even those with small gardens can raise enough to be self-sufficient in garlic for a good part of the year. All you have to do is plant the the right varieties at […]

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Got $34,000? This Beautiful North Carolina Fixer-Upper Has Your Name on It

Here’s one for all you lovers of old homes and small town life (and those who aren’t aren’t afraid of a little DIY). For just a little more than the cost of an SUV, you could be the owner of not one, but two beautiful fixer-uppers in North Carolina. They’ve got history, they’ve got bones, […]

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Mom Uses a Shower Caddy to Store Bottles, Becomes a Parenting Legend

Storing baby bottles is tricky. Unlike diapers or those adorable PJs your little one keeps out-growing, they can’t be easily tucked away and organized. Baby bottles are bulky and, let’s face it, take up a lot of space. But leave it to one hardworking mom from Southeast Texas to come up with a brilliant (and […]

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These Crochet Baby Flip-Flops Are Just Too Adorable

What’s cuter than crochet baby booties? Crochet baby flip-flops! Etsy/Whistle&IvyAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below We first spotted these adorable shoes from blogger Bethany Wright Dearden of Whistle & Ivy. Dearden a mom of two, came up with the idea while searching for a way to bring her love of crocheting into the warmer months. “Crochet […]

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This DIY Backyard Pergola Is the Ultimate Summer Hangout Spot

With the arrival of summer comes warm nights spent outdoors with the family making s’mores, afternoons spent relaxing on your porch swing, and plenty of backyard parties, all of which would benefit from an incredible backyard space. Which brings us to this amazing DIY pergola and fire pit setup. Created by Lauren Ashworth of Little […]

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PSA: Check for Bunny Nests Before Mowing Your Lawn This Summer

Those scorched, dead patches of grass that dot your lawn come summertime might be a bit more alive than you think. Baby bunnies could be burrowing beneath the surface, where they’ll stay for the first three weeks of their lives. According to a video by the Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc., all you have to do […]

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