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Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over This $13 Tool That Catches Hair in Your Shower

Fixing a clogged drain in your shower is never an easy (or fun) process. If you dread the task just as much as we do, well, get excited because now there’s a product that promises to keep your shower drains unclogged for good, and everyone on Amazon is obsessing over it. ShowerShroom, which launched last […]

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7 Smart Ways to Kill Fruit Flies

You’re not alone in your love of seasonal produce: Pesky fruit flies always seem to find their way to your farmer’s market haul before you even get a chance to fully enjoy it. It doesn’t take long for them to take over your kitchen. While your best bet for keeping them at bay is to […]

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Kate Middleton Just Wore a Stunning Alexander McQueen Dress

Kate Middleton’s outfit choices never fail to impress, and her latest public appearance is the perfect example. Taking part in the Trooping the Colour parade, in celebration of the Queen’s 91st birthday, Middleton wore an incredible Alexander McQueen dress, in the prettiest shade of pink. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below With a Jane Taylor hat […]

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Watch This Woman’s Bald Spot Magically Disappear

Hair may “just” be the stuff on our heads and around our body, but if you were to explain away an irritable mood with, “I’m having a bad hair day,” most people would immediately understand what you meant. But for those folks who are unhappily bald, balding, or have bald patches, there’s very little that […]

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Courteney Cox Confirms That She’s Had All Her Fillers Dissolved

Courteney Cox has previously spoken out about her plastic surgery regrets, but now the actress has confirmed that she’s ready to let nature take its course. “I’ve had all my fillers dissolved. I’m as natural as can be,” she told New Beauty. “I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now […]

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Victoria Swarovski’s Custom-Made Wedding Dress Is as Sparkly as You Would Expect

Victoria Swarovski married her long-term boyfriend Werner Mürz over the weekend. The lavish ceremony took place in Trieste, Italy, and — as to be expected when you’re the heiress to a crystal empire — the bride sparkled from head to toe. I said YES to the love of my life! ❤️❤️❤️ A post shared by […]

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How to Make a DIY Hanging Cabbage to Keep Your Chickens Entertained

Do you have a bunch of bored, out-of-shape chickens on your hands? Then this could be the DIY solution you’ve been looking for. Chicken owners have been making their own hanging cabbages to place in their chicken coops or runs, which are designed to stimulate chickens’ natural foraging instincts and help them get a workout […]

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This Genius Pool Invention Is Saving Animals From Drowning

Swimming pools are a great way to stay cool during the warmer months, but owners know our favorite way to entertainment in the summer can also be a death trap to small animals. If the little critters that live in the areas surrounding your house mistakenly jump in the water, they can get trapped, unable […]

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The Best Patio Furniture Cleaners

When the warm weather hits, you’ll want to spruce up your outdoor table and chairs. Here are the cleaning products we recommend to your backyard space sparkling: Goo GoneAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below Goo Gone Patio Furniture Cleaner This zapped through the soil and stains with its adjustable-stream trigger — just spray, wipe, and rinse […]

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A Bottle of Sally Hansen’s “Terra-Coppa” Polish Is Reportedly Sold Every Two Minutes

We already know rose gold hair is on the rise this summer. So it only makes sense that rose gold nails would follow — and the most popular by … well … a lot comes from Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel collection. A bottle of Terra-Coppa, a rose gold polish, is sold every two minutes here […]

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